Digi’s Story

When we started out in the billboard business, it wasn’t our main business.  We rolled along nicely in the tradional bulletin world for a number of years, and then digitals started entering around us.  We did the analysis and decided to give the digital world a whirl in the bottom of the financial crisis in 2009.

At that time design was not the most important thing to us, but when we added the digitals, we knew we needed to step up our game.  We hired a few consultants and one suggested we should move more in to the design world knowing that the rapid fire changes were coming our way, as typical in the digital world.  We had lots of things to help our advertisers learn about marketing and decided to broaden the scope more in to design.  A couple of outdoor loving guys was not quite what a design world would want to see, so it was suggested that we create an in-house designer, ole Digi the Frog.

He has taken on a life of his own and we even have a mascot costume made up of him for local parades.  He appears all through our website and if any mistakes are made, the head of the design team gets blamed… him!  All in gest but we do like to have fun in our work and we have learned that our customer love him too.  One couple brought by a frog sculpture and others a sundry of other frog-related items.  The point is that it sets us apart from others and allows us to keep top of mind in the community.  And that’s the sotry of how Digi came to be.

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