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We were in the news!!!!  And it surprised a lot of folks….even us!  Back in 2009, we had no idea when we were analyzing our digital program that we would be blazing the way for a new trend in digital billboard advertising….the rotary!   Back then, it was not easy to do at all, but we’ve figured out an algorithm to work around the software limitations.  Today it’s a bit easier, but very few cab accommodate how we enable such a low cost of entry for our advertisers.  Due to this fact, we’ve figured out a cost effective way for small businesses to participate in a media that was once dominated by national big boys.  See what the manufacturer and industry have to say.  The headline are bold below, with the stories in the Gallery below.

WatchFIRE Madmen of 2010
Digital Billboard Capital of the Universe?
WatchFIRE Digital Outdoor – Innovative LOOK Billboards Allows Advertisers to Rotate Among Locations
DailyDOOH – LOOK Billboards, No, LOOK Billboards
Sign Industry.com – LOOK Billboards Installs Watchfire Rotary Program in Ardmore Oklahoma
Digital Signage Expo – LOOK Billboards Uses Unique “Rotary” Program on Watchfire Digital Billboards in Ardmore Oklahoma
WatchFIRE’s announcement email….

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