Design History (aka Creative)


In the old days, artists painted the products and services of merchants on the sides of their buildings, on barns on the ways in to town and near common gathering places.  They were the “Creative” people.  Billboards evolved as art forms that presented a feel to LOOKers for their consumption.  They tactfully and subtly used the power of suggestion to harness the mind to think in a certain way determined by the campaign.  An entire industry grew around the talents of those few who could literally expand an image from a piece of paper to a scale and perspective many times larger.  Enjoy a 5-minute break and watch this video clip for a wonderful peek into the past. Stella Artois “Up There” (See below)

Today we have the power of computers and the technology the change designs in days and now even minutes.  The demands of society force speed and with speed, creative can and does suffer in general, across all forms of advertising and marketing.

We focus significant effort on the layout, color, fonts, placement and pictures used in our advertiser’s campaigns.  We actually believe creative is the most important factor in driving a successful campaign, even ahead of location.  We try to focus on what the LOOKer wants to see and our years of trial and error at actually producing both good and not so good designs has given us a tremendous asset.  Feedback, candid and brutal at times.

Learning from our past, we know that people like to be humored, inspired and they love intriguing pictures and word combinations.  Creative approaches can drive people to your door if you have the right marketing plan to give them what they want.  The trick is to get the best picture to describe what you need to market and let the design jump in the truck with them.  Let us help you with the wizardry.

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