We provide a range of marketing services for our customers, most of which, are not available to the general public.  Most of these extra services are not profit centers for us, and we treat them as additive to the success of an overall marketing campaign.  Billboards are at the heart of this effort.

We want the message to be “hooked” in as many areas as possible to give the LOOKers as many potential impressions as possible.  Most of the items below are of very little cost and can be quite effective.

Marketing Campaign Evaluation
We will gladly assist you with an evaluation of the use of advertising dollars for your campaigns and will give you some insight as to most effectively “tie” all your various advertising efforts together.  We realize that no company uses just one form of advertising and some company services and products are best maximized in one media form or another.  We know Outdoor strong points and how to play to its strengths.

Design Creative Coordination (click)
Described in more detail on another page, we can coordinate the underlying main theme of an advertiser’s campaign across many other media outlets.

Banner Printing
We can print banners that hang from grommets or sleeves that exactly match the campaign that is current for the use to assist in-store sales, trade shows, weekend events, etc.

We can print stickers for you in very high quality on 3M UV stabilized material for permanent application on exterior or interior surfaces.  Outside storage buildings, fences, etc. are some examples.

Vehicle Door Magnetics
We can print stickers and coordinate the placement of these on stickers for the sides of company vehicles, trailers and storage containers.

RSS Feeds
Coming soon.  We understand we will be able to program RSS feeds for certain customers.  At this time we do not have the details or the limitations.  Please stay tuned.

Coupon Coordination
We have implemented an advertiser’s coupon campaign for our advertisers.  We can display this info on various billboard packages and give the LOOKers and opportunity to come to this website for printing.

Website Exposure
We will periodically feature various advertisers and their examples of creative marketing, implementation and design.  The interest we have developed internationally for our innovative use of rotary digital networks in Outdoor Advertising, drives a lot of interested viewers to our site.


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