Juicing Up Your Designs

Frog Juice focuses on design topics for success in your marketing efforts.  

Basic Design Elements
2 Words Not 3 (click)

Literally,cull the unnecessary words – focus on brands and logos.  People want to be entertained and in the world of mobile devices, we want them to not be distracted.

Design Consistency (click) Use consistent colors, typesetting, themes, etc

Logos and Fine Detail (click) Introduction to Logos and branding

What are Fonts (click) Introduction to Fonts

Catchy Pictures (click) Choose the right picture to say a 1000 words!

LOOK Artwork Coordination (click)  Many years ago we announced our artwork coordination services to our advertisers to help them leverage what we know is the cornerstone of great marketing.

All About Images
Upload Images (click)  A start on how to upload marketing images to Facebook

Muted vs Bright (click) Punch up marketing with some simple color

CMYK vs RGB (click) Understand the basic differences of image formats

Pixels – Does Size Matter? (click) Image sizes and picture quality compared


Logos and More

Brands and Logos (click) Effective design of Brands and Logos

Busy Patterns (click) Take the junk out – give more time to the message

Keep It Simple Smarty (click) Simple designs are smart – reach your customers

Make Designs Effective

Stand Back (click) Learn to view your designs from the LOOker’s viewpoint

Nobody Saw My Ad! (click)! We must focus on what LOOKers want to see

Pull the Eyeballs Out of Your Head (click) Learn how marketing designs work

Your Ads Poppin? (click) A basic introduction to color combinations and contrast

Jazz It Up (click) Look at things from a different perspective to improve your ads

People Power

Time to Get Famous (click) It’s time for you to get famous – selling opportunities

People Power (click) We look at people and why to use them

Oh No! Not My Picture (click) Use your picture to drive feedback & selling chances

Using Mascots (click) Harness a furry or slimy friend to kick start your marketing

Design Strategies
Leveraging Biz Card Design (click) Use your billboard for cheap card campaign

Make Your Customers Famous (click) Use action photos to boost business

Customer Appreciation in Design (click) Make your customer famous


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