2 Words Not 3



We typically cram as much info as we can into a flyer, document, brochure, yellow page or paper ad, knowing that more is better – we have to “get our money’s worth”.  It’s easy to do – just write down everything you can think of and send to the media rep and tell ‘em to get it in there.  We think, “customers need to have all the info at their disposal” in this age of mobile madness.

Consider some of your own consumer habits.  You may be different, but many tend to move away from all the cluttery stuff.  Time has value and folks want the bottom line as fast as possible.  No pop-up surveys please.  Nobody wants to peel back a sticker to see the magic offer, etc., etc., etc.  Our customers are no different rest assured.

We now have some stats that support more is less.  Arbitron released a detailed report that showed that digital billboard viewers didn’t want much of the info we have tended to use in the past.  Texting is a no no as is use of hand-helds while driving.  What are your chances of remembering a phone number until the next stop light or home unless it’s 1-800-HOSPICE?  So…… Phone numbers – out, Addresses – out, Websites – out.  Goodness gracious, what’s left you ask?

Good ole marketing, that’s what.  Give away free hundred dollar bills along with just your company name – it’s amazing what folks can do when they put their minds to it.  This holds true especially in small communities.  Give ‘em what they want and they’ll find you.  Recognizing it’s very hard to do, several on this page have limited to an address or a phone or reduced the impact of that information.

The challenge is still a word reduction game.  We’ve eliminated several word need areas which now frees up more landscape in a billboard layout to focus on (punch up) your brand, your logo, your products and your message.  Figure out the quickest way to get the point across.  Think of ten possibilities of word combinations, the cull 9 of them, one will rise to the top.  Think of some funny or catchy phrases, consult your favorite jokester to poke fun at your service or message, surely there are a dozen jokes about what you do in plain sight.  Grab one and turn it into a campaign – LOOKers will love ‘em.

Advertisers have gotten onto the bandwagon and are realizing the value of branding, pictures and top-of-mind awareness in their LOOKers.  Many of you are getting some encouraging results, even during these difficult last few quarters.  Do pat yourselves on the back!



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