Artwork Coordination


Many people once thought of an artist as someone with the skill and ability to draw or paint a pretty picture — pencil and paint to paper so to speak.  Then all this digital stuff evolved, in a rather quick time frame, and it has created a real challenge for most of us to keep up simply with the changes in computers from year to year.

Factor in the changes to the graphics software and how the big boys in your industry process all their creative design work, and it’s easy to see how your designs, logos and schemes get a little dusty.  It’s hard enough to keep pace with the changes in our daily operations.

An advertiser asked us to coordinate their designs across the various media they use by using their billboard design as a central focus.  It made sense for them to keep the one message which reinforces the major factor of successful marketing, Repetition, Repetition, Repetition (click).

By simply developing a basic marketing plan that focuses on this major marketing factor, a target message can be presented over and over in some very affordable ways.  The design, logo and message are seen repetitively, and the more they’re seen, the more they migrate to the “top of mind” – or what we call “first thought.”

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