Brands and Logos

We’ve recently spent a bit of time helping a few small businesses with logos to be used on the billboards.  Brands and logos can be a lot of things, but to be effective they should stand out a bit, have some color and use some simple easy going shapes.  The McDonalds “M” for the golden arches is probably one of the most memorable brands, so successful that you can ask 10 people to name the first fast food restaurant that comes to their mind, and 9 say McDonalds.  Heck, even a 3-year old can pick up the brand from five miles down the interstate!  One of their logos is the full name, many times using the golden arch brand in for the “M”.  They use it over and over again, and is an example of why why the repetition (click).

Brands and Logos need to be simple as they can be, absent of frills and details, so they can be seen at long distances, not just on business cards or letterhead.  Many times we get logos that have cursive letters, scrolling lines like grapevines, etc. and are virtually impossible to see from the road by the LOOKers gazing at a billboard.  Realizing they can’t be changed most of the time, we can occasionally make slight modifications are allowed which make the distance viewing as effective as they can be.

Those who haven’t developed logos and brands yet can benefit from viewing them from use on billboards, and we’ll be happy to assist.  Our goal is to make your marketing efficient and cost effective.


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