Catchy Pictures


We’ve all heard that a picture says a thousand words.  Choose the right picture and you can get a number of messages across, at a glance.  If we could use only pictures in advertising, wouldn’t that be terrific?

We see all the time the fact that we, as advertisers, want to get “all our info” to the LOOKers in an advertisement.  Ask yourself if you yourself read all the fine print in any marketing info?  Do you really think the LOOKers will do you that service?  They’ll most likely move on to something easier on the eye, or, according to a recent Arbitron study, something that is humorous or intriguing.  See our What LOOKers Want to See (click) in our Hop to Marketing Section (click) for more info.
An intriguing illustration is a campaign for Ardmore Massage, whereby we used a contortionist to quickly show what many of us feel like at the end of a day of curling over the keyboard, traveling our sales routes or performing our routine household chores.

How do you decide on what to use?  Call us to help.  We’ll help point out the curious angles of your situation and drill down to some areas you may not have felt comfortable unveiling.  Get outside of your comfort zone, outside of the ole box so to speak.

So you think your product/service is a bit too stodgy and can’t shed new light?  Consider real estate sales, a service oriented business that has many stereotypes.  How can you ever stay in the minds of people who only need your services every 7 years on average?  Come up with a zingy phrase and a coordinating picture.

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