Customer Appreciation in Design


Just how can we tie our customer appreciation efforts into a beneficial marketing too?

It’s not as hard as it may seem.  The real trick is to be sure to have a marketing plan that specifically identifies how you will listen, react, reward and cultivate your customers. There’s no better business goal than to have customer for the long haul.  In the billboard business, the best effect for the customer is to have your messages repeat over and over again for a very long period of time, thus achieving that “top of mind” (click) response (like McDonald’s has achieved).  We know that it’s really, no reeeeeeally hard to keep the necessary open communication with customers consistent.

Our digital billboards are easy and cost effective to use for the purpose of showing your customer that is satisfied with your product or service.  Pictures on the wall of folks in person at your place of business say a ton.  Those pictures can be of the picture you took, of them on the billboard, or in the paper ad you ran, or the TV commercial as well.  You see, your overall marketing plan shouldn’t just include one thing or another, but plan to drill into to all the places you customers “touch”, at the most affordable price.  You can also use customer in your flyers, on your website and of course, in any of your social networking activities.

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