Design Consistency


Everyone knows about the Super Bowl and we’ve all seen some terrific TV ads.  What comes to mind is one of the most common things missed in marketing plans.  Branding and design consistency.  Doritos, Bud Light, E-Trade all come to mind quickly and I’m sure you can see them in your mind as well.

How many of the other TV ads can you remember the product or service that they are promoting?  At a few million bucks per minute, if you’d have spent the money, you’d have wished more would have been remembered.

Great marketing plans take all the various pieces of your business operation that needs promoting or a presence in the consumer’s mind, seeking that Holy Grail of “First-Thought” like many of the national brands have accomplished over years of marketing and advertising.  The themes, colors, lettering, logos, slogans and branding need to all be coordinated so the consumer does not have the chance to get confused.  It’s really easy for them to think of something else, other than what you intended.

Start with your business logo on your cards and letterhead and be sure that it appears in color and layout out the same as you use in your flyers, printed materials, TV, yellow page, paper ads and of course, billboards.  Clutter is out and streamlined, easy to digest logos, straight forward typesetting (fonts) and as few words as possible are hallmarks of great marketing.  It’s more difficult to design an effective billboard ad given the brief time that LOOKers have to see it driving by, so we like to have the opportunity to assist early in the process of reevaluation of marketing efforts.  We also do this graciously for free for our customers.

KISS is a stronger way to say it, Keep It Simple Smarty (click).  Spend some time honing down the basics of your business effort and say it in 2 words, not 3 if you can.

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