Jazz it Up


Let’s face it, sometimes even the best of our marketing ideas get stale, especially when you don’t work with it every day.  If something works well, heck, do more of it, which works until customers are tired of seeing it.  And when it that you ask?

Well we don’t know, is the answer.  Not that we want to change things up all the time, because our branding efforts, logo penetration and top of mind marketing goals are demand that we use repetition of the campaign to leverage the most bang for the buck.  So how to get fresh ideas???

Go on a trip!  I find that as hard as it is to get away and then to come back to a gaggle of alligators ( Who knows what a whole bunch of them is called), It is always worth it and nearly always you will have your periscope up for different ideas to jazz things up.  It’s amazing how many simple little things are different in other parts of the country, from food to clothes to products.

Many times the companies use a different combination of words, or colors, or pictures and can have some hilarious interpretations of what we can take for granted.  Friends will always tell you what they saw, but if asked “Did you take a picture of it?” the answer many times.  The lesson is to snap a quick shot with your iPhone, for later use to jog your memory.

There are times that you’ll return, not thinking you’ve picked up anything other than having a great time, only to learn that weeks later the inspiration comes to you on how to spice things up a little.  Maybe it was an advertisement at the airport or group of kids hanging at the mall reacting to a situation or even the way a park or venue was configured.

Just snap a shot and if we can help use it in your ads.  A picture is worth a thousand words and maybe the one you snap is just what the ole marketing doctor ordered.

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