Sam, nope.  Stupid, certainly not.  Smarty, much better.  Keep It Simple Smarty.  Our customers are smarter than they’ve ever been.  Information is available at a click of a button and there’s just too much of it.  Simple is smart.

Advertisers may have regularly heard “Use 2 words not 3″ (click) when considering billboard layouts.  It works for words and also goes for pictures as well.  Close-ups of faces, activities and products will help the LOOKers focus on the message you have determined.  A picture is worth a thousand words, and a lot of effort goes in to finding the correct picture for the promotion.

Some customers say to us that some advertiser “have” more words on theirs and we want more on ours, and while that’s a reasonable argument, we focus first on as simple a layout as possible.  Why?  Because the LOOKer only has a very short window of time while driving by to view, read, then digest the message.  If it’s too wordy, they simply may not read the last part, which is normally the bit that contains the “punch”.  If the picture is able to show the intent of the message, even fewer words are needed, keeping the design simple.  And that’s smart because the LOOKer then gets your message.

What are some ways to simplify your design?  Remove the redundant words, area codes, etc. and focus on other ways to say virtually the same thing with less.  A research fact arose last year from an Arbitron study, that showed that the LOOKers wanted to see (read be entertained) by digital billboards with something intriguing or humorous.

Phone numbers, websites, addresses were out and here’s why.  It’s becoming more taboo to text or use the phone while driving and most of us are starting to refrain from it.  Who can remember 580-340-8243 while at the same time trying to decide if the $30 oil change is needed at this time?  Or  Really, can you even read it now?

So give yourself a KISS bonus and focus the real essence of the message and what you most sorely desire… customer recognition, loyalty and awareness in that “top-of-mind” nirvana for any business or operation.

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