Make Your Customers Famous


We all love looking at people and most of our advertisers have either heard us suggest or have experienced the surreal feedback from having your own picture on a billboard.  It’s rather gutsy and some people feel even arrogant or corny to do so, but the truth is that it really drives people to comment to you which gives an awesome opportunity to sell or suggest your service.  It also lets you know that people are noticing your ad design and can get feed back to make it better if needed.

When the economy droops a bit, people are hesitant to mention your business as they may not have the free cash to take advantage of your product or service.  If you want to drive in business , sometimes you have to put a few things behind you.

Another approach is to have a consistent marketing plan to include customers having fun at your shop, restaurant or office.  It’s simple to do, all you need to do is take a picture and of course, ask their permission.

Over several months of various shots on our digital networks, your regular customers will start asking when they will get to be up in lights.  When times are tough and you want to earn business away from your competitors, simple little things like customer awareness and appreciation make a difference.  All you have to do is think of it and execute.

Here are some examples borrowed from an operator friend of ours in the billboard business in Tennessee.



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