Nobody Saw My Ad


We hear it all the time.  “Nobody saw my ad.”  We also know better.  It’s statistically impossible for nobody to see an ad on a billboard with 20,000 cars a day going by.  More than likely, something else wants to be addressed, whether with the marketing, or in this column, the design.  Go to our Resources tab and scroll to Hop to Your Market (click) for marketing related topics.

Arbitron rating service study showed that in metro areas, 70% of LOOKers do see digital ads.  In small towns, with slow traffic speeds and stopped lights, the percentage could hit 90%.  We’ll focus on digital ads here, as we’ve now had many years of practical hands-on experience practicing the design skills to understand exactly what does work, why and when.  Digital ads allow us to change at a moment’s notice and affords the advertiser to try lots of stuff.

It takes a paradigm shift to best learn to tap in to your customer’s mind.  As folks that drive traffic to our stores and offices, we tend to focus on what “we” want to the customer to do, to buy or to respond.  The successful marketers realize that they must “give” what the “customers” want, and that’s a trick indeed.  We must sell goods and services to pay for marketing, yet customers don’t want to be marketed to, they just want what the want.

The Arbitron study showed that most LOOKers  want to be entertained , humored or amused, not sold.  They don’t want to see your phone number, your address or your website.  They want to see something akin to the Super Bowl style commercials.  Give them what they want, design entertaining spins on words of your operation, then come up with funny pictures or situations.  Blast the designs with your brand and the product or service in the mix.  They’ll remember that and when they need you or what your are selling, you’ll pop in to their minds.  Ah, successful marketing.  So they don’t see your ads, maybe we need to take the funny stick to a few of them.  It’s not a customer’s fault they didn’t remember you.  We know, it’s our fault, so we’re addressing it, with your help, ideas and flexibility!

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