Oh No! – Not My Picture


Very few people like their own pictures in general and even fewer want to use their own picture in advertising.  Why is it so important to use your picture in advertising?  The first question is why do you want to advertise at all?  Most people advertise to promote their business, going concern, etc. in order to gain monetary benefit, aka to MAKE SALES!  With more sales, we have the ability to grow our profits if we run our operations effectively.  So again, why use your picture?

If you are as big as Microsoft, Apple, IBM, or Exxon, you really don’t need your picture because you already have spent oodles of dollars building marketing momentum and consumer good will.  However, most of us are small to medium sized operations, many times in small markets and our customers tend to see us regularly, although you may not be aware of it and they may not either????  They think they recognize you as the owner or key salesperson, but may not be sure of what you do, or if you are the person they remembered from years ago.

By using your picture, you associate yourself with your Brand and by doing so, reinforces the customer’s familiarity of you.  The next time you cross paths, the customer may say, “Hey, you’re the person on the billboard that does blah blah, aren’t you?”  This is a not only a wonderful feeling to be recognized, but gives you a chance to sell, gain a new customer, satisfy a concern they may have or answer a question about your services/products.

More importantly, however, is the fact that you know that you are building good will, marketing momentum and effectiveness, as you are getting direct feedback without having some fan dangled survey or polling.

So please do consider using your photograph in at least some portion of your marketing plan and remember, with the preponderance of digital cameras, software and professionals, you can get the right colors, pose and lighting, and heck, they can even take off years and pounds with a few clicks of the mouse.

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