People Power


You ever see a frog you didn’t like?  Warts, slime, bug eyes, skinny legs and sticky fingers.  Yuck, gimme a break.  How about babies?  Ever know anyone who didn’t think that all babies are beautiful?

Why’s that?  They aren’t born looking like runway models or weight-lifting hunks, and that diaper thing can’t win a lot of hearts.  But we’re still drawn to babies in their own cuddly, innocent ways.

Again, why’s that?  It’s because they’re people, not frogs.  We’re people too.  We’re drawn to other people.  We all have mothers and fathers, crusty and funny relatives and are drawn to by our own sexuality and reproductive interests.  So to them we are drawn – babies and beauties, as well as the funny and funny looking (picture above got your immediate attention, huh?)

When we see something different, strange, funny, odd, unique or out of place, we tend to remember it.  Also if we see someone we know, we remember that too.  Ever get the ole, “hey, I saw your kid in the paper in the honor roll section”?  People want you to know that they saw you or yours… it’s a social thing, gosh the Facebook thingy has rocketed on similar premises.

So why not use people in your ad designs?  If we’re so drawn to them, why not make it easy on the LOOKers.  The easier it is to remember you, the easier it will be for them to remember your business, service or activity.  In fact, why not use your own picture????  Hey that’s an idea!  Every time someone mentions they saw you, it gives you a chance to sell your product, market your service or fly your kite.  So why don’t you use your own photo?

One reason we don’t is that we all hate our own pictures.  Funny however, we’ll walk around all day with the same fluid face all day long…. Do we think no one sees us?  Of course they do.  They see exactly what is in the picture only in 3D and in full motion.  You get the idea.  You can’t change who you are or what you look like, and if you’re going to walk around all day with your face, and you’re in business, you ought to market yourself.

If you just can’t get up to doing it (I know many can’t), then you’re the boss – make and employee do it!!!!  Ha!  Really, your top slaes person, key employees, front line folks are the perfect choices as your customers see them all the time.  Tie it in to recognition for a hard worker, or heck, even give away a special birthday run for their family, compliments of your company.

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