Pull the Eyeballs Out of Your Head


Many folks don’t have a lot of formal training in billboard design and many small business folks have taken a few hard knocks over 25 years learning what works.  Most importantly, we needed to find out why certain designs work.  Our journey in learning these facts landed us up with the name of our company, all you really have to do is LOOK.

While driving down the road, do what most of us instinctively can NOT do – drive with two hands at 10 and 2 and look ONLY at the road ahead.  Why certainly this is what we should be doing anyway, but try it.  It’s dang near impossible to do without having something on the sides catch your attention, and make you look away.

That’s how our minds work – we see something bright, moving, high contrast or out of place and viola, we take a peek at it.  So here’s the test that we used to learn what works, the ole “Pull the eyeballs out of your head” test.  While driving, resist the urge to look at all the junk going by that may typically catch ya lookin’.  You’ll notice a little discomfort at first, after a short while, you can tell what a lot of the items going by actually are with your peripheral vision.  Over the time of your test, you’ll discover a few signs, items, etc. that literally won’t let you go by without looking at them.  These are the things that do the serious pulling.

All you have to do then is LOOK.  Notice what it was about that thing, sign, etc. that was unique.  The color, the lettering, the contrast, the picture.  It was something.  Then borrow what you think will help your own marketing effort.  It’s so simple, and revealing.  We think this is why billboards are so effective and why our focus is so significantly bent toward successful design.

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