Stand Back


“Tallest in the back” is a rather familiar phrase to folks that are vertically enhanced.  Being in the back has some advantages, like not calling attention to you and being far enough away that other things caught the teacher’s eye.  As you wear the rubber off your soles year after year, your eyes begin to play tricks which has also enhances your awareness of what actually the eye really does see.

This matters little to most folks, except for those who want their billboard campaigns to really zing and connect to the LOOKers.  Billboard mantra is “Use 2 words not 3, literally” (click) and this ties in to “Standing Back”.  By this I mean for you to stand back away from your computer screen when viewing a proof by about 25 feet.  This mimics what a LOOKer will see when in their vehicles.

Great designs have focus on fonts, images, colors, etc. and all tie together to get an effective design and powerful layout.  The combination of each of these areas must coordinate to reduce clutter, detail, fuzziness and to lend to concise articulation of words and images to promote the message, service or product you are trying to achieve.

Simply by standing back, you can have others decide what the most important elements actually are and if in 4 seconds or less the LOOKer can get the immediate gist of what you have gleaned from your marketing plan to accomplish.  A good designer can help with the former and can act as a bouncing board for the latter.

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