Time to Get Famous


Everyone loves to get a little bit of attention for what they are doing, some of us are more modest than others.  You’re reading this because you have an interest to promote a business or enterprise, and the fact that you’re spending money out of your marketing plan on billboard advertising shows us that you do wish to get noticed.

A problem is that people don’t talk to businesses or enterprises, they talk to people.  No matter how much we think we are known for what we do, at least 90% of the public (just a guess on my part) doesn’t have a clue who you are or what you do.  In fact, many of us would prefer it that way.  But that’s not what sells at all.  It’s time to get famous if you’re selling and I suspect you are indeed.

CASE STUDY:  The earthquake billboard for AAA Owens Insurance, brought to our attention the importance of a personal photo  Using your photo makes you famous to a certain extent.  We asked April Owens if she’s had the experience of a complete stranger asking her if she was the Insurance Lady on the billboards, and she answered quite a few.  Over a long period of time, folks keep that image of you in their minds and associate it with the work that you do.  If you are selling, it gives you an opportunity to pitch your product or service or at least ask if they know someone who does.  Heck, carry business cards with you that match the billboard and hand them out in droves to solidify your overall brand.

CASE STUDY:  Another funny story is from Dave Montgomery of Montgomery Mattress, who laughs when people say to him, “Hey you’re Dr. Dave!” based on the years of cable and billboard ads he’s done.  At first he was bothered by it, but lately has learned that it gives him a great chance to make his custom made mattress quality features better known.  Give them your business card and ask who needs your product or service!

CASE STUDY:  Maureen Realty uses billboards to promote their associates.  A recent story told by a seasoned sales lady shows that people see the boards, but may not connect all the dots.  She was standing in the lobby of the local hospital and three different people walked by and recognized her as THE real estate lady (she was not however though they look similar).  One of them actually swore she was Maureen, the founder – they obviously tied the brand to a person.  It should be one of your goals too.

The common thread here is that people talk to people and we need to use our pictures or employee pictures every chance we get to tie our brands to promote and fulfill our marketing plans to the highest and best we can.

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