Do you have a business or service that’s about as spicy as selling paperclips?  Do you wonder how to stand out from your competitors?  If you are one of the few that have been able to figure out how to have your customers fall head over heels for you, congratulations.  If not, we offer a suggestion to get their interest and build a presence or awareness.

Arbitron wrote a report in 2009 regarding digital billboards and showed that a vast number of the LOOKers wanted to see something amusing, humorous, witty or entertaining.  Ever see a cow parachute into a stadium? … Chic-a-fia.   How about your local football team?  … ours is a Tiger.  Can you name a cereal using a Tiger?  Of course you can.  What major insurance company uses a duck?  Or a geko? See how mascots work.  They allow a marketer to create a fun environment to present the product of service in a pleasant fashion and tons of situations whereby we’ll laugh at an animal but be offended it it was a human in the ad.

Take a look at your ads in the various media you use and ask if they fit that criteria?  Most will fall woefully short – I know we did for a long time, so I speak from experience.  Who wants to hear about billboard advertising?  I already know – nobody.  But do you want to hear about making money, of course, and we know that the cheapest form of advertising for the repetitive value of marketing will deliver, but we had to make it fun.

We’re sure you have seen Digi, our digital frog that sports our self-promo ads like below, or the face of the cards, website, coupons and eNewsletters.  He fills that bill for us.  We have lots of favorable comments on this goofy little mascot, and whether you like him or not, he’s fun to remember.  It took a lot for me, the conservative, reserved rascal that I am to loosen up enough to do this froggy thing.  But once embraced, it has worked well.  Can you imagine how boring this would be to read if I couldn’t blame the frog for something!?

At a minimum our use of Digi throughout our own marketing drills the point home to you  that a mascot can be effective and shows that we have a design skill far above any available locally.  We hope that’s a significant value to our customers and we’ll love to help you sort through any ideas you may have along these lines.  In a down economy, every little edge helps and we’re no different than you, we love our customers, as without them, life’s a little rougher.

Thanks for taking time to read our stuff.

PS  I wrote this Thursday and had a call from a new customer that wanted oddly, a mascot for their new business, maybe a turtle.  We kicked around the logo from their sign storefront sign, grabbed a cool animated turtle off iStockPhoto, and boom within a day or so had it rolling on our digital networks.  Fast easy and effective for them.  Fun too.

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