Hop to Your Market

These marketing topics will help you explore the different ways to develop an effective marketing plan.  They have worked well in small and rural markets and apply to any size media campaign.

Marketing Planning
Cornerstone of Marketing (click)
Every marketing plan needs an affordable foundation on which to build a successful business.  Learn how to adopt the most affordable media in this market.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition (click)
Most people know the three most important things in real estate, Location, Location, Location.  The three most important things in marketing are equally important.  See how it works.

Marketing Plan Core (click)
Conserve your precious marketing budget and make stretch the reach and effectiveness of every dollar.  Plan your core marketing activities to include affordable media.

Work on Your Marketing Plan When You Have Slow times (click) 
Having trouble with inspiration similar to what we all experience during the dawg days of summer?   Take some time to freshen up your plan.

What to Market (click)
Learn how what it is that you should be marketing. What do you sell most, highlight your customers and promote your personnel are favorites.

Out of Home (click)
Learn to know where your customers are during the day and develop effective advertising campaigns that are more likely to forge results.

Other Media
Stretch with Direct Mail (click) 
Use the USPS to build on your core marketing plan if your business uses local mailers, flyers or cards for a method of regular communication with customers.

Power of Business Cards (click)
This simple form of advertising goes lost many times.  Learn an easy way to extend your media campaign by simply being aware of the power of a business card.

Yellow or Helloooooo? (click)
Yellow pages still have a presence in the current media planning landscape, but understanding the habits and ages of your customers is paramount.

90% of Advertising Doesn’t Work? (click)
This common generality about advertising is very telling.  Learn how real marketing works and how to place your media campaign in the effective 10%.

Branding and Messaging
What’s Your Brand? (click)
Branding as a concept is quick and easy for most consumers to understand.  Businesses however, may have trouble determining what their brand really is or should be.

Hone Your Message (click)
Businesses struggle with coming up with fresh ideas to be the heart of an effective advertising campaign.  Figure out how to boil down the words to be most effective

CALL to Action! (click)
Examples in this section are an illustration of a Call to Action.  Put just enough info so that a curiosity response or desire is generated.  Learn More, Click Here.

What Customers Want

What LOOKers Want to See (click)
A common thing that businesses overlook is actually what the customer wants to see, which can be dramatically different to what the business wants to display.

Mobile Marketing (click)
Your customers are using mobile at a growing, nearly exponential pace.  This area is evolving so fast that it is very hard to fully understand all the nuances.

Phone Numbers (click)
Most of us are not lucky enough to have a number that can be converted to a memorable word.  Your focus may belong elsewhere to be the first thought in the minds of mobile users.

Campaigns That Work

Directionals (click)
This use of billboards is at the heart of the founding of the industry, when cars just began moving across the country.  Get the unfamiliar travelers to your location effectively.

Public Awareness (click)
Tap in to current events and show your customers that you are connected to their interests.  It’s very easy to do with digital but can be accomplished with traditional as well.

Get ’em in the Door (click)
Evaluate what’s selling, offer some terrific benefits

Promo Timing (click) Consider running promos at other times than your competitors

Hey, I’ve Seen That! (click) Coordinate direct mail and existing customers

Customer Involvement (click) Call Customers to Action – get ’em involved


Simple Things (click) Easy, cheap and fast marketing idea

Not Selling Anything? (click) Hard to sell ice to Eskimos, decide what LOOKers want

HOOK ’em Up! (click) Tie your marketing together – deliver consistent images

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