Customer Involvement


Many of us have heard the ole marketing term, call to action (click), but it can be hard to define and accomplish.  For marketing success, we want the customer to do something – when they don’t come in the door as you expect, look in the mirror.  What did you ask them to do?

We can’t just put up our bumper sticker and assume because they saw it, that they will do “you” a favor and stroll on in to do business with you because you’re a swell person.  You have to give them a reason to lighten your doorstep.  Many do it with sales, specials, gimmicks or coupons.  Fill out this questionnaire and we’ll give you a free something or other.  Think of one marketing topic and just do it.

So take some time to think how you might involve your own customers, and call them to action of some sort.  Just don’t put out your moniker and expect folks to ship money your way – you gotta earn their loyalty and business.

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