Dawg Gone it! Marketing Plans

Folks don’t care for the dawg days of summer.  The heat tends to melt me down and the creative juices are ironically the opposite of being at a boiling point.  The last thing you want to do is think about your marketing plan.  We can sit and churn with ideas all you want.  However, the best thing we can do to freshen things up is…. Tada…. Go on vacation!  Really, it’s a great idea and fun too.

If you’re like some of us,  we tend to take work with us on vacation.  When you love and live your work, it’s hardly a choice to leave it behind.  Sooooo, choose a place that’s not only fun, but that may have some similar services to what you offer.  Book an esoteric hotel or bed and breakfast to get a unique different feel.  These places are chocked full of inspiration with fresh and unexpected outlooks.

We all have fun gawking at all the amusing characters at the airport, but take some time to look at all the marketing genius that the corporate world spins out.  The phone carriers, condo sellers, sweet restaurateurs, curio peddlers, et al, have some terrific perspectives in presenting their wares to you.

Once you’re in the rental car, have fun figuring out how to get out of the airport!  Luckily, once you’re out, most likely, you’ll see some great creative billboards along the way to your destination.  Take note which of those advertisers caught your eye and determine what about it that you liked.  You’ll find the ones that were entertaining, cute, outrageous, novel, intriguing, etc. along with the ones that were simple, direct and stunning all have characteristics that make them among your winners.

Don’t stop with the billboards, look at all the printed materials along the way.  Menus, pamphlets, brochures, flyers and all that other stuff you collect.  Note what parts of the info interests you and what compelled you to keep it.  Many times deciding what NOT to market, is more important that filling every empty inch of usable space.

There you have it.  Even in the dawg days of summer, you can easily find the ideas and basic raw materials to nurture a fresh twist for your marketing plan.  Oh by the way, do you really have a written marketing plan?  Try it, you’ll like it.

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