It’s funny how the mind of the traveler works given a car load full of restless kids.  Such scenes bring back memories of childhood when the fear of the fly swatter on those cross country trips kept us kids shaking in our seats.  The billboard industry has used directional signs quite effectively for highway purposes, to let LOOKers know that they are just up ahead.

“Are we almost there?” is one of the most common statements a parent hears while driving, other than trying to distract the lot of them from seeing the Golden Arches fast approaching on the horizon of course.  And for the traveler from faraway places, these directionals are the lifeline for many convenience stores, gas stations, hotels, restaurants and fast food joints.  We use them all the time to plan our travel stops and care for the basic needs of the kids… “I have to go to the bathroom!”


Directionals are great for their intended purpose, but they don’t fit into every advertising box as a one-size-fits-all solution, especially short term durations.  Repetition, Repetition, Repetition (click) are the three most important things in marketing, and you just can’t get enough repetition bang for the buck on one-time, once a year or two campaigns

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