Hey, I’ve Seen That!


Junk mail.  We all get it.  98% of it goes into the trash unread, unless you’re already a customer according to national studies.  On the face of it, this is a huge waste of money, yet at times very effective when targeted at existing customers.  One local advertiser is having good results…. with a simple postcard campaign to remind his customers about the things we all care about, yet spend little time fiddling with….our money!

Mark Riesen of Edward Jones Investments, uses a periodic postcard that appears in the mail around the time that a similar statement insert arrives in monthly statements.  He has the benefit of a national campaign that coordinates the message with IRA contributions, planning efforts, year end activities, etc. and they have some wonderful photographs and graphics as well.  Mark now uses the digital billboards to also coordinate with the mailings so that when his customers see the mailer, they recognize it and he has a better chance of helping them focus on their mutual benefit.

The marketing takeaway is to coordinate all the resources at your disposal to accomplish a great bang for your buck and as many viewing repetitions as possible.

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