Hook ’em Up

Somewhere during junior or high school years, one of the teachers brought up the technique used in literary writing, HOOKs.  Using it to evaluate marketing plans and is one of the tools used to implement some of the other basic marketing tenets, like repetition, top-of-mind, brand recognition, etc.  The idea is to write about something in one paragraph, then bring up several paragraphs later to rekindle the imagery already invoked.

Many times when asked to design a billboard layout, we’ll get several different logos, with different colors, fonts, etc.  “The web guy did this one”, is a common comment.  “The paper used that one and TV used the other”, they continue.  They all looked just fine, but they all looked different.  What kind of impression (other than an opportunity to be confused?) does that leave with your consumer?  Wouldn’t it be better to say have… golden arches, as an example? (can you guess the company?)

HOOK ‘em Up. It doesn’t take a ton of effort, but involves coordinating your designs, logos,slogans and layouts.  Simply decide what your “stuff” will be and then regularly, systematically, consistently and persistently use the same “stuff” throughout all your marketing efforts.  The web, email campaigns, printed materials (cards, flyers, brochures), TV, newspaper, yellow pages and of course, billboards cosidered by many to be the cornerstone of a marketing (click) plan.

We understand it can be a challenge for those not graphically or computer technically inclined and it can be costly to do all the design work.  Billboard companies routinely coordinate the designs for all the media and use the billboard layout for the other media used in their marketing plans.  Many offer a complimentary coordination for our customers to get you on the right track.  Billboard ads are notoriously difficult to design as you have to really keep it simple.  Generally, that work spent by all on this process can then be easily transferred, reshaped and “hooked” into your other marketing plans.

Another side benefit is saving money.  With a simplified approach, with a consistent “theme”, many times the space or time needed will be reduced, and may enable you to cut the costs of the advertising or marketing production, all while being more effective.  Someone once used a great line I remember regularly, “Only 10% of marketing is effective, we just don’t know which 10% it is.”  Increase your odds by eliminating the chances for the consumers to get confused.  See KISS (click).

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