Marketing Plan Core

It’s apparent that advertising budgets are being hammered from both small and large organizations.  Immediate results are being inferred and which typically
accompanies shorter durations for ad campaigns.  If we don’t get a pop, we must try something else.  Some are successful, others “not so much.”

What then makes some ad campaigns successful and others flop?  You can spend marketing money in a wide array of places, and it’s surprising how little thought goes in to the entire effort.  It seems that marketing money is many times viewed as a waste, and sadly, many times it may be.  We’d rather view marketing efforts as a chance to get a new customer for a long time or retain the ones you have.  But how do you do that?

Most think that the lowest price is the key and if you are selling paper clips, probably so.  But do you want the cheapest heart or plastic surgeon?  Of course not, you want the best.  The trick is figuring out what your customer wants and then how to build their awareness of your product/service.  The Mad Men of advertising call it “Top of Mind” or “First Thought”, similar to the best placement at the grocery store.

How do you get to be First Thought in your category?  Take a lesson from McDonalds, who in my opinon is the king of Top of Mind.  How do they do it?  Repetition. Then Repetition. Then Repetion again (click).  

How do you now copy their success?  The same way, with repetition and the cornerstone of marketing (click).  If we all had their budget, we could possibly accomplish a similar result.  But who has that kind of budget and as the lead in to the story suggests, ad budgets are getting hammered.  The trick is to get the most repetitions of your campaign for the least amount of money.  You need a solid core of the most affordable repetitions in a given market.

We consider a solid core of any marketing plan is a billboard campaign.  We know that each billboard showing is documented by very tangible traffic, which we can see every day and with such traffic counts and terrific designs, billboard showings only cost a few pennies a showing!  That’s less than a pickle slice, stick of gum or a gummy bear candy.  Ask yourself where or how you can get your message in front of actual people for less than a nickle?

Use the billboard as the core of your campaign to present your logo, brands and colors so that the LOOKers see it over and over again.  Then use the billboard ad components and design elements in any other marketing you branch out with.


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