Not Selling Anything?

It’s a tough economy in many parts.  Some businesses are doing fine, others challenged.  Even similar businesses have winners and losers.  Why?

We hear on occasion that an ad didn’t sell anything, so we’re dropping – dropping the most affordable, specifically targeted advertising medium out there.  So why might it not “work”?  We get baffled some times, as we know ads do get seen.  Why then are they not called to action?

Sometimes you can’t sell ice to an Eskimo.  Even if you do have the best jar of dirt, not everyone actually wants it when you want to sell it.  We work hard with each advertiser to coach them on marketing, design impacts and how certain things will be interpolated from a car.  But we can’t run the operation, business, store or office.  All we can do is ask what does the marketing plan say, and what do you want to accomplish?

Again, start with your customer.  What do they want?  We know what they want.  They want to be entertained with your marketing.  You must set yourself apart from the competitors, and many times you must do yeoman’s work as a small business to out maneuver the big boxes and corporations.

Many times we see advertisers go with what we call that “corporate” line to try to emulate the bigs.  But it might not set you apart and get you in to the Top-Of-Mind (click) location that say a McDonalds enjoys.  Try to get away from the same ole stuff and approach and spend little time thinking outside the box.  Find out what your customers want, put a different shade of lipstick on it and have some fun.  That’s what they want.  Make ‘em think of you when they think of what it is that you are pushing.  Sometimes it takes a heatwave to melt the ice, so step up the heat!

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