Promo Timing

When the biggest selling season of the year is over (psst – Christmas holidays), roll out the promos.  This topic normally should run in anticipation of Black Friday and the like, but with all the hoopla, the message can easily get lost.  Customers are looking for so many deals during that time frame that many typical promotions may not work, no matter how good a deal you pitch.  The budgets of the large corporations can’t be matched and the sheer volume of “deals” is dizzying.
Besides, why cut out all your profit potential while others chase their way to the bottom? Now may be a better time to make your mark to savvy customers and be a standout while the big boxers are reeling back their activities.  Use your nimbleness to create some short-duration promos and change them up regularly.  It just takes a bit of time to assess your strengths or even to evaluate your competitor’s weaknesses.  Determine what you can deliver that they can’t, and price isn’t everything.

Do you have product that needs to be moved, cleared out? Do you have inventory that arrived late or over purchased?  Or something hot you missed by can get it quickly?

Are some of your services not booked?  How about one that your customers love?  Do you have a new idea , service or product that you’d like to introduce or test?

So are you done promoting until next fall?  Heck no!!  Use the slack time of the first of the year to gain market share or most importantly, a repetition of your brand and offerings over and over again.  Seek the Holy Grail of Advertising (click) and be First Thought (click) in your customers’ minds.  Strive to be a McDonald’s.

Utilize digital billboards and great design services for a really fast and flexible way to test out one or more variations of new or old marketing attempts.  We’ll chew the fat with  you to help digest a great message that’s catchy and memorable.  To coin a common saying, make like Nike and “Just Do it!

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