Simple Things

At budget time and we all hone in on costs to develop our marketing plans (or at least we should!) and it seems like a typical step to start with the big items and start hacking without much consideration for what has actually been effective.  Sometimes the simple little things that merely take a second to think of, and the discipline to execute, can be as important as your most convoluted marketing brainstorm.

One retail store simply staples their card to the receipt they at checkout.  They swear by this simple little trick.  It seems that we all easily fold and stuff our receipts and stick them in the oddest places, but rarely will we pull the card off the receipt.  Consequently, it seems to just float to the top of piles and just hangs around where it can be seen easily, reinforcing the Top-of-Mind (click) placement of services.  When folks come back to the store to exchange fabric, parts, etc., they have the cards with them.  They can evaluate the effectiveness of this simple activity.  For convenience sake, the back of her cards have the store hours and some common quilting sizes.

Sometimes the simple things have a lot of impact and don’t cost you money.

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