Stretch with Direct Mailing

We all get a ton of junk mail.  Lots of it goes in the trash.  Is it effective?  It depends.  What’s your marketing plan? When we say marketing, most of us think of “advertising” as that’s the line item that sports the impact to budgets.  However, having an effective “marketing” plan really focuses on what you are trying to do.  Direct mailing is a one-time shot, whereas we like to focus on the real tenets of marketing, trying to get the lowest cost for the industry mantra, repetition, repetition, repetition (click).

We’ve heard that in the real estate industry, only 2% of direct mail is effective, yet a stock broker firm we know has terrific return by sending direct mail ONLY to existing customers.  The logic is that an existing customer is already tuned in to you, your service and your product.  So when the direct mail piece hits, the branding, logo, slogans, pictures, etc. from your other effective marketing efforts tend to “hook” or tie back to other money spent on other efforts.  People tend to recognize that and accordingly, many times, actually pick it up to read it!  I find myself doing it with some of the local car dealer mailings, reminding of oil changes, tire rotations and service work.

While we all want new customers, keeping the ones we have and improving the experience for them should rank high on your marketing checklist.  An old saying is that it is more affordable to keep a customer than to find a new one, and direct mail could help in that regard.

Billboards are a highly effective and affordable media choice for your core marketing plan, and the designs can be used in conjunction with direct mailings.  LOOKers see the billboard campaign from time to time where we try to make you the “first thought” or “top of mind” when people think of your product or service.  By using similar direct mail efforts, you can target specific neighborhoods and appeal to both new and existing customers.

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