Take Advantage of Public Awareness

Every so often something happens in the world that awakens a sleeping dragon in the public.  Sometimes they’re good things and at other times, not so good.  Business folks on their toes can take advantage of this new found public awareness, fad or trend and our ability to change designs quickly can accommodate that into results.

The State of Oklahoma was the home of a rather large earthquake (for us who are accustomed to tornadoes), and it turns out that a number of dwellings and buildings were damaged which we are all sad to hear about.  What many homeowners didn’t know, was that their home owner insurance probably didn’t cover it.  It’s a shame, but they’ll have to take care of the repairs themselves.  Oklahoma has earthquakes daily (small ones) and is in the number 2 seismic zone behind California – the public just doesn’t focus on it at all as they are small.

One local insurance agent, April Owens of AAA Owens Agency, decided to change her digital billboard to educate her customers that earthquake insurance is available.  (My policy bumped by maybe $30 is all).  They offer competitive rates as many do, but the “Call to Action” (click) was that they had Earthquake Insurance.  I’m not sure how many calls she has received, but it sounds like a lot.  She also wrote a lot of new business.  The local TV station even called her to do a story about the special insurance – they had seen it on the digital billboards.

The lesson here is that we have things happen around us all the time that catches the attention of the public or creates a fad or trend.  Pay attention to those opportunities and try to catch some wind in your marketing efforts.  When you do, it pays you to pay attention!

We recently wrote about advertisers not seeing their own ads, or that they are just not working.  Rather than pitching stuff that the market cares little about (like free jars of dirt), find that what they do want – they’ll respond accordingly!  Pay attention to your marketing plan (ask your customers!!!) and add more to what they want.


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