The Power of Business Cards

We all have a stacks of business cards. Seems like everyone we meet gives them to us. Usually a nice, neat, large stack of our own, and a stack of those collected from others in a place usually to be harvested to put in our contact managers. The stack from others has actually done a lot of good in farming for potential customers, not to mention when the need of their product or service pops up in an uncanny fashion.

The stack from others has actually taught me a lot about designing billboards for our advertisers, all I had to do was look at them.  You can leverage the designs on your business cards.

For now, let’s consider the power of a simple business card. To start with, you probably think you ordered too many, but for that price, heck why not order 500. Go ahead, check the box and find that it’s half full at least. Why waste the money on them if you don’t use them?  We must have them handy. Keep some in all your vehicles, briefcases, computer cases, wallet, purse, etc. Have loads of them around, as you’ll see them all the time as a reminder to give them out.

And do just that – give them out, it doesn’t cost you much at all. When you are at the grocery store, convenience store, retailer, repair shop, etc., do take a quick second to hand out the cards to the helper, teller or salesman. You don’t have to sell “them” anything, just let them know what you do and to share with others that may have an interest. Rather simple if you think about it, but you do have to think about it.

CASE STUDY:  An advertiser said he hated it when people yelled out at him in a public place, restaurant or store – “oh there’s ole Blah Blah”. “It really bothered me”, he said. When asked how many of those folks that commented used his product, he said, “Doh, all of them!”  You see, each time the LOOKers recognized him from the photo on his billboard, it proved how well his ad worked at building that top-of-mind placement (click) in their minds.

What has he done since? Printed business cards that have similar components to the billboard ad and each time some recognizes him now, he whips out a card and asks if he can help them. You see, it’s a golden time for you to make a pitch and to sell yourself or your product. We hope you never look at a business card the same. And they’re almost free.

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