What LOOKers Want to See

This is a topic that most advertisers simply overlook.  Our typical focus is first to figure out what we want to sell or market.  We focus on over-stock items, underutilized services and new things that we want to try in order to get a grand slam.  We should, however, take a little time to digest what the customer wants and cater our messages accordingly.  It’s similar to the investing adage which says you add to the winners and you cull out the loosers.  Many times we think our advertising isn’t working, and the reality is that we simply don’t give the customer what they are looking for.

Look for the items that are the top sellers or highest-use services.  These are what the customers are already focused on relating to your operation.  Grab that thought and punch up a crisp slogan, using literally 2 words instead of 3 (click) where possible.  Then doll it up – here’s what we mean.

Arbitron is a national research firm traditionally focused on the radio business.  With the digital explosion expanding seemingly in every aspect of our lives, Arbitron now does digital analysis.  One of their reports focused on digital billboards.  Amazingly nearly 90% of all passersby (we call them LOOKers) see digital billboards, but here’s the real golden nugget, and it makes perfect sense if you think of yourself.  70% of these LOOKers want to see something humorous or intriguing.  Think witty, catchy, funny, odd, or inspiring as other descriptions.

It takes a little effort and potentially some time, but focus on your strong suits, hone the message, grab a catchy photo and use it in loads of your marketing to elevate you to the “first-slot” in the LOOKers’ minds See Repetition, Repetition, Repetition (click).

Give them a reason to talk about you at the water cooler, at church or at the kids events.  And when they mention it, ask them what they think/enjoyed and then sell them as a customer!  Gather this intel and use it to further hone new messages for other campaigns.  Most importantly, give ‘em what they want to see, and focus on what is already known as your strong suit.

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