What to Market

I am asked this question regularly and thought I’d spend some time bringing a couple of easy targets to you.  If you are in the selling business (aren’t we all really?), do a quick inventory to see what exactly you do sell the most of.  Surprising as it may seem, that’s a great place to start as your customers have proven that to you already.  As in the investing world whereby you add to your winners, marketing your own winners makes sense.  No need to double down on the losers, you know.

The next area of interest might be what you “think” your customers may want or be interested in.  Spend some time and actually get on the sales floor or contact them directly.  I know it takes time, but you’d be surprised what you can find out by conversing with your customers.  Once you have identified what might be a golden nugget that you’ve uncovered, consider something novel, new or unique that will set you apart from your competitors.  Find a saying, joke or different play on the topic and think of a picture that may tie in…. call us and we’ll help of course.

In our case, I heard many of you over the years in a quandary about what to market – this led to our suave and debonair digital frog, Digi, who does all the work with the designs and eNewsletter, you know.  Now we have an answer for past, current and future customers in a reusable format on marketing topics that are not only timeless and affordable, but many times overlooked.  And I’m glad that so many of you are benefitting and finding the information useful….this helps our core business as you may realize by the many changes made on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to our digital billboards.

So do something different as well, like a community project or activity, or a giveaway or drawing that features one of your new ideas.  Then tie it all together and wrap all your marketing activities for a brief period along those lines to fine tune things.  Sandy from Rod’s Outdoor Power has spent time recently with kids and was featured on the front page of the local paper, and has changed a recent digital design to show off their involvement with Toys for Tots. Sure they have the big clearance sale going on, but folks want to see the other great reasons to trade with you and not just the obvious.

An often overlooked marketing strength is your business structure or stellar staff.  You’d be surprised to realize how many people choose to trade at a location based on the people, even if the prices aren’t as low as the national chains.  A lady that works for me recently commented on how unfriendly an attendant was at a full-service gas station that she had a gift certificate to, and asked me if it was okay to trade with Progressive (one of our advertisers) instead, even though it was self serve.  When asked why, she said, “because I like the lady and man cashier when I go there, they are so kind and caring.”  Now that’s something to market.  Get a picture of this lady beside the kind cashier, and roll that for the world to see.  Testimonials and marketing strong employees – POWERFUL stuff indeed.

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