Yellow or Hellooooooooo?

Phone books have been around for a long time and years ago they were a necessity.
Smartphones and the internet have made them obsolete in metro markets, but some still kick around in rural areas. Internet searches have changed the way consumers find numbers quickly out of home.  Many phones aren’t even listed as well especially as the trend toward cell phones increases.

One of the most common comments I hear from small businesses that use yellow pages, is that “I’m spending my entire advertising budget on yellow pages”.  One plumber told me he spends 100% of his budget to appear in every phone book, so he doesn’t miss the opportunity to get a call.

Hellooooo! By the time a person searches on their mobile, all the yellow page ad spend is wasted.  Much better to have Top of Mind (click) placement.

What’s the first fast food restaurant that comes to your mind? Bet you didn’t have to go to the yellow pages to name them.  And you know exactly where the closest one is located.  (The answer is at the bottom and is the answer that 99% say pops in their mind.)

How’d that work?  They get an enormous amount of repetition in the national TV market, the cost of which most of us can’t afford.  But yet, this is the holy grail of marketing, to be top of mind of the consumer when they think of our product, service or organization.

So consider reducing your yellow page exposure in your marketing plan and using the proceeds to explore other marketing efforts along with streamlining your designs to be the same “picture” that consumers see no matter what form of advertising or marketing material you develop.  A suggestion would be for us to assist you in brand development or logo rejuvenation.

Also focus on your bang for the buck and get the lowest dollar per exposure or showing.  In the case of billboards, we have packages starting from only pennies a showing.  In this economy, every penny saved is a penny earned.

(Answer: 99 out of 100 people answer McDonald’s when asked what fast food chain comes to mind first.  Strong branding, golden arches, and repetition are keys to their success, and yours too.)
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