Marketing vs. Advertising


Many businesses are blessed to have a stream of customers rolling in to them based on custom, uniqueness or some novel exclusive patent for a product that customers desire.  Think of Microsoft, McDonalds or Apple and you get the idea.  They are creative, innovative and efficient.  They also market exceedingly well.  They deserve respect for what they have built and we can learn legions of info from sitting back and observing.  They amass enormous war chests and their success breeds success.

Small businesses are widely known as the lifeblood of American invention and on the other hand are missing a critical element of their successful marketing campaigns…capital, aka cash flow or money.  This green stuff does wonders when tossed in large batches to pay for advertising in the different forms of media – TV, radio, newspaper, internet, yellow pages and outdoor.  People get paid a lot to dream up, coordinate and implement such things as corporate presence, sales campaigns, community service projects and public relation gaffs.

The bigs have waves of layers of folks in “marketing” that figure out all the stuff that the top dawgs want to implement in order to make their sales.  So marketing is basically the plan to get sales in the door.  Marketing doesn’t necessarily require money to execute.  Small businesses can do a lot such as storefront design, window placement, store feel, employee attitude, effective communication and a true desire to accommodate the customer.

Advertising is more narrowly focused on paying to show the message determined by the marketing plan at various places and times to the customers in order to nudge their desire to have the product or service.  It hits most all budgets hard.  Smaller budgets tend to leave out key marketing plan component that does not take much money, just time, thought and effort.  When pressed to hammer sales to increase cash flow, many times a smooth sales person knows that fear and can drive the use of the advertising budget in ways that don’t necessarily drive sales.

How do the bigs do it?  They throw oodles of dollars at advertising across all spectrums and with the cash flow they aren’t as critically impacted when 50% of it doesn’t work.  They’re effective because they drill their marketing plans home, day in and day out.  For years.

Being situated in a small, more rural based economy, LOOK Advertising (and the business experience it’s partners have gained over 40 years) has evolved in a market that requires a keen awareness of the customers, our/your LOOKers.  We understand how they do business and what is important to drive their decisions.  We can’t guarantee that you have a product or service they want, but we can guarantee that they’ll see it if you allow us to assist in the advertising for your marketing campaign.

We have been asked by customers to handle their design coordination for use over all the advertising in which they participate, for one cohesive message that is consistent and effective.  Heck it can even save a little money, for a dinner date, movie or ….. a marketing book.  See our Services to get a better picture.

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