Digital Billboards

This new technology is giving advertisers the unparalleled ability to change their ad messages quickly and efficiently.  Our digital billboards are updated electronically by cell phone and can be updated rapidly within minutes. This ability gives digital billboards flexibility and nimbleness that is very intriguing to advertisers of all kinds. This nimbleness gives local businesses a unique and powerful way to reach a large number of geographically targeted consumers very quickly.

The message is getting out. A recent study by Arbitron, the media research company, found nine out of ten people notice the advertising copy on digital billboards some or most of the time. Nearly two out of three find digital billboards to be a cool way to advertise and recall for specific brands hit 50% for some advertisers.  For more ideas on how to coordinate a great marketing plan, learn more from our Marketing Tips Area (click) 

The advantages of digital billboards go far beyond selling products and services. The Arbitron study found more than 80% of people believe digital billboards provide important community information, and for good reason. In many cases, digital billboards are used as powerful aids to public safety. Our local law enforcement and city officials are working with us to critical information about area services and opportunities alike.  Digital billboards represent a significant advance in the technology used by the outdoor advertising industry to provide substantial benefits to advertisers and communities.

In addition to this innovative technology, LOOK Billboards has rolled out digital advertising in Ardmore in a novel way. We have developed a unique approach that mirrors our hugely successful traditional rotary program and we understand it may be one of the first implementations like it in the country. We have five locations that are the very best in Ardmore, in our most sought after locations, paralleled by none. Over 80,000 people drive buy our digital billboards every day, that’s about 2.4 million a month!

To optimize this new area of advertising, we have invested in the absolute best technology money can buy. This means maximum 99.9% up time for our customers and exceptionally crisp, clean images that will absolutely grab the LOOKer’s attention.  The color range and ability to produce white whites and smooth transitions in skin tones with their full screen calibration made them worth our loyalty. These billboards are so well engineered to keep dust and moisture out of the electronics that one of the manufacturer’s panels has been running underwater for over six continuous months!  For more ideas on great designs, learn more on from our Design Tips area here… Design Tips Area (click) 

Digital advertisers have the ability to change their ad as their business changes. Flexibility is everything. Many think, “It’s too expensive.” We understand the communities we live in and have designed specific programs to fit any business. No matter if your business is small, medium or large we have a program for you. Rates start as low as $250/month. We would love to meet with you and work out a digital program that’s right for you, give us a ribbet.

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