Digital Rotary Networks

Back in the first decade of this new millennium, LOOK Billboards launched an innovative rotary digital network when they pioneered the ability to rotate each next showing to another billboard face in the network.  We were honored as one of Watchfire Digital Signs’ Madmen in 2010 in recognition for the ability for us to be able to deliver exposure at multiple locations contained within one contract and at an unbelievable price.

While it’s very complex to explain, it’s really rather simple but hard to program.  Depending on the frequency that a design in a campaign should appear, say every minute, or every two minutes, the next showing for the contract appears on the next billboard included in the network.  So if you are at one location in our Triple Play (3 boards in the network in 3 terrific locations) and you have bought a Platinum Package that shows every minute, you will see your design appear once every 3 minutes at the one location, during which time your design has shown twice additionally, only at the other two locations.

The dynamics are amazing when several advertisers have different duration packages, and with the multiple designs we allow for the different packages, we have created in essence a Rubic’s Cube of a playlist of content that LOOKers absolutely love…. They can’t figure out what is coming next and by nature changes the ads to keep their interest piqued.  Great designs and fast turn arounds for changes, along with an understanding of each of our customers business habits, allows us to be a marketing consultant for them that also delivers the message to the front line.

We currently offer the Triple Play Network shown to the left, along with the Double Play Network that has two signs in that network.  We can also combine the two networks in one contract that we market as the Grand Slam, borrowed from the baseball world.  Each of our packages Platinum, Gold, Bronze and Small Biz is shown every 1, 2,4 and 8 minutes respectively and each may have free monthly design changes that contain 8, 4, 2 and 1 images respectively, all for one contract price.  We work our tails off, but the proof is in the long term customers that we service.

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