Our Pond


Gosh we love Our Pond.  Water everywhere here in the heart of Lake Country.  We have so so so much fun. Advertisers love to target the area, with oodles of opportunities to reach the LOOKers that drive to and from the attractions.

We have excellent bass fishing as well as boating, skiing, sailing, hunting, hiking, cycling, golf and horse riding to name a few.  The whole area of Southern Central Oklahoma is a tourist heaven with over a million visitors annually.  It’s really easy to get here and with Interstate 35 as a funnel from the north and south, and with State Highways 53, 70, 77 and 199 all converging in on us, it’s no wonder why we’re the trade center and one of the most progressive small cities in the country.

The fun happens on the Sunny Side of the Arbuckles, some of the oldest mountains in the world.  (Don’t expect the Rockies, they are worn down a bit).  But they are beautiful with Turner Falls and the really odd rocks that poke up vertically in long lines eerily like tombstones.  Lots of ranchers and municipalities have huge lakes and ponds galore.  It’s a good place to raise a family.

The big draws are Lake Murray State Park, about 18,000 acres and one of the most pristine bodies of water within miles, with its unusually clear water.  Lake Texoma has a 600-mile shoreline just to the east of us.  Wildlife preserves, hunting opportunities and western culture activities like roping and cutting horses are all popular.  There are also superb golf courses like Dornick Hills with its feature cliff hole.

Give us a ribbet.  We’d love to get you Outdoors!   

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