Traditional Billboards

We cut our teeth on traditional billboards and they are the bread and butter of our operation.  We’ve had some billboards in the family for years and others we have rented ourselves in other businesses, also for years…..25 to 30 or so, maybe more.  They work for us in our other businesses and with that first-hand knowledge, we know from experience what works well in billboard campaigns.  We love to share that insight with you, to build your brand awareness and promote your campaigns.  And we do it the most affordably and effectively than any other media.  Visit our Marketing Tips (click) section to browse through the stats, details and ideas.

We are what is known as a bulletin plant, and many of them are the same size of 12’ x 24 (see Design area Billboard Sizes for more details and other sizes) that evolved from the portion of our plant that once catered to the poster paper, 30 sheet market.  Since the invention of laser printed vinyl wraps with their long 12 month plus life cycle, the days of paper posters were limited and we have adopted a 10% bulletin plant as of a few years ago.

We have several different ways to participate in traditional billboards which are outlined in our Services area under Programs.  We generally try to keep some free space for various campaigns so please Contact Us (click) for availability and pricing.

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